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At M.I.F Soap Co we think that you can step up and tackle whatever life has to throw your way with a good night’s sleep under your belt. So, we have carefully blended beautiful natural essential oils to help you achieve the most wonderful tranquil and peaceful rest so that you can wake refreshed, ready to slay the day.


With woodsy floral and harmonising heart notes of Rosewood leading this blend, a delicate and exotic base note of Jasmine, and a fresh, uplifting and lightly citrus Neroli, we have created a delicious blend that is perfect for a tranquil nights rest.

Tranquility Pillow Mist

  • Use as part of your night time routine. Shake gently to disperse the oils then spritz over your pillow, sheets and even your jammies before bed. Breathe in the perfectly balanced, relaxing and delicate Sweet Dreams blend to help you get a perfect night’s sleep......

    Tranquility is also wonderful as a Yoga mat spray to assist a state of meditation and  mindfulness.

    Discard after 3 months of opening.

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