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If you’re like us at M.I.F HQ, our wardrobes (and floor-drobes) have a combination of clean clothes yet to be worn, and clean clothes that have been worn once but are still good for another go. Bags, scarves and shoes. All of the latter have their own acquired scent of days gone by and feet!


Wouldn’t you just love the inviting scent of freshness when you open your wardrobe? If the answer is yes, then let’s talk about Tranquility Room Spray. Whether it's in the wardrobe, the bathroom or to disguise the scent of your wonderful woofer, Tranquility is perfect for all the spaces in your home and even the car.


With woodsy floral and harmonising heart notes of Rosewood leading this blend, a delicate and exotic base note of Jasmine and a fresh, uplifting and lightly citrus Neroli, we have created a delicious blend that is perfect for lifting the mood of anywhere you spray it.

Tranquility Room Mist

  • A natural pairing to our Pillow Mist, meet our Room Mist. Inspired by the exotic floral notes of Jasmine but with a flash of fresh and zesty Neroli to remind you of sunny days and summer meadows. Use liberally throughout the home and even your car; this fresh and uplifting room spray will give an instant refresh to your  space.

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