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I'm Stephanie

Welcome to my small soap making business! Let me share with you the story of how it all began. Unlike a groundbreaking revelation, my journey into skincare and soap making is a personal one, much like many other skincare enthusiasts I've encountered.


In my younger days, my skin was resilient to anything. It could handle harsh, heavily scented, and fluorescent shower washes without a care. However, as time passed, my skin started reacting negatively to numerous high street products. This prompted me to investigate what could be causing these issues. I began scrutinizing the ingredient labels on bottles, searching for any potential "nasties." To my surprise, most of the ingredients listed were unpronounceable, with the only recognizable word being "Aqua" (water). I realized that I hadn't paid enough attention to what I was applying on my skin, and that needed to change promptly.


Being someone who loves taking on new challenges, I thought, "How difficult could soap making be?" I retrieved a soapmaking book, Sally Hornsey's masterpiece, which had been gathering dust after receiving it as a gift years ago. Little did I know that the journey wouldn't be as simple as I had anticipated. It was quite intimidating, to be honest. Terms like "SAP value" baffled me. To gain the necessary knowledge, I enrolled in some courses that equipped me with the skills to start crafting soaps at home. That was nearly five years ago. Since then, I've worked tirelessly to perfect a formula that emphasizes selecting top-quality raw materials while using the fewest ingredients possible. It's the essence of my soapmaking philosophy, which I call JEEP: Just Enough Essential Parts.


Over the years, my passion for soap has grown into an obsession. It has become my hero product and a source of immense pride. I can go on and on talking about soap, so if you happen to run into me, feel free to walk away—I won't be offended.


As time went by, I expanded my product range to include other delightful treats for your skin, your home, and even a natural sleep remedy. Now that you've found me, please take a moment to explore the website. Feel free to have a browse and discover the wonders I have to offer.



Steph x

Where my Journey began..

If your curious to try and make your own soaps, this book was key to starting my own journey.. Thank you Sally Horney! 

Sally Horney - Make your own Soap
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