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Hydrates, Nourishes and Repairs


This gorgeous bar is about to be your hairs’ new best friend. With a luxurious lather, no plastic packaging and simple waterless formula, you'll ditch that bottled stuff for good.


The bars are long lasting and are a great way to streamline your routine and replace plastic heavy haircare products. You’ll find that you can go longer between washes too.


Sweet orange prevents hair becoming brittle, loaded with vitamins to provide deep nourishment. Cedarwood enhances circulation and strengthens follicles, whilst Argan oil nourishes, shines, protects and helps to prevent breakage. An all-round hero product.


Our high lathering bars are specially formulated, the rich lather is obtained from plant-based surfactants, which are derived from coconut and will gently, but effectively cleanse your hair and scalp without stripping it of its natural oils.


Each bar is hand pressed individually to create a unique shampooing experience, they are made from only active ingredients and contain no water, preservatives, or fillers.


Our 50g bars may last twice as long (probably longer!) than a typical 200ml bottle of shampoo with normal use. Our smaller 15g bars are perfect for your holidays and short trips away.


Our stylish black containers have been chosen to fit a shampoo bar snugly inside. They come with a thin slice of loofa to prevent your bar sticking to the base of the tin. Perfect for travelling and gorgeous sat on the side of your bath or in the shower.


***Naked bars available*** Skip the tin, do you really need the packaging for the umpteenth time? Choose “Naked bars” in the drop-down menu and save £0.50 too!

Sweet Orange, Cedarwood & Argan Oil Shampoo Bar

  • Apply the bar directly to your wet hair, once the desired lather has been achieved, set the bar aside and massage through your hair from roots to ends. Rinse well. Allow the bar to dry thoroughly between uses.

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