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Designed with the Explorer in mind, this fresh scented shampoo bar not only cleans, but also leaves your dog’s coat smelling great and free from dubious odours.


With calming Lavender helping to repel fleas and bugs, it’s also soothing so your reluctant muck magnet will be relaxed during the wash down. Rosemary Essential Oil is also great at repelling fleas and ticks, as well as promoting a shiny coat.


This bar will have your stinky four-legged intrepid friend smelling fresh from nose to tail in no time.

Explorer (Lavender & Rosemary) Dog Shampoo

  • As with all dog wash products, avoid the eyes, ears and mouth areas.

    Rub the shampoo bar into your wet dog's coat, build up a lather then massage well paying attention to the grubby bits.

    Rinse well and towel dry. Repeat as necessary.

    Always allow your shampoo bar to dry out between uses, ideally hanging it up by its tape somewhere with a good airflow.

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