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Life Affirming Soap!

Join the quiet revolution ...

We're part of the quiet revolution: using natural ingredients, less packaging and avoiding things that cause harm to the planet and its wild life.

Using our soap is also life affirming - there's a joy to be had in seeing real bars of hand made soap sitting in their little dishes. Soap that feels as good as it smells. Soap that has been lovingly made, not pumped into a plastic dispenser by a machine.

So come on in - the water's going to be lovely ...

Soap to make your heart sing...

All our soaps are named after songs. What you choose to sing in the bath however, is totally up to you.


Our soaps are made in small batches and we're always getting inspiration for new combinations of scents and colours.  For these reasons, we don't sell directly on-line so take look at some recent best sellers and get in touch to find out what's in season at the moment.

Clean Cleanie

Soothing Lavender 

Kind of Blue

Relaxing Sandalwood

Splish Splash

Rosemary and Sweet Orange

Your Soap is on Fire

Rosemary, Patchouli & Myrtle

Who let the Suds Out

May Chang, Sweet Orange and Bergamot

Soap on the Water

Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang

Gill on Facebook says:

“Lovely soaps, lovely lady! All natural, smell divine, love it!”

Aisha in Hampshire says:

“Beautiful soaps - incredible gifts and smell amazing - also leave your skin feeling super soft and clean!”

Aisha in Hampshire says:

“Beautiful soaps - incredible gifts and smell amazing - also leave your skin feeling super soft and clean!”

Nicola in Bristol says:

“As always, MIF has not disappointed! The Clean Cleanie lavender soap was my favourite and went down a storm with my birthday friends.

How we make it 

The joy of using top quality bathing products and the love of natural essential oils combined with challenging skin inspired me to have a go at making my own soap in 2018.

I was keen from the start not to use palm oil for my own ethical reasons but also to keep it simple and not add anything that wasn’t necessary in terms of enhancing bubbles or harden the bar, I was concerned that anything in addition to a basic soap recipe had the potential to irritate the skin.

Part of the saponification process (the chemical reaction that turns the combined ingredients into soap) generates glycerine which alongside the oils and butters in the soap will help to leave the skin feel moisturised and nourished.

The addition of natural essential oils help to boost the luxury levels of each bar. I have spent many hours combining different essential oils to get the perfect balance to each bar and a variety of fragrances to appeal to the most discerning of noses. The essential oils that I have chosen are all restorative, relaxing, soothing and nourishing to the senses so that each use is a pleasurable and enhancing experience.

Along side the simplicity and luxury of the soap I want to inject a fun element so the names of the soaps reflect a playfulness and love of music, some of the names are more obvious than others.

The colours are all mineral micas and I do love a bit of colour in my life. 

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