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Grab yourself one of these gorgeous little burners. A perfect addition to any room and in 3 soft and pretty colours to choose from, these ceramic 2-piece burners are simply fab.


9cm tall by 7.5cm in diameter these are just the right size to add a pretty glow and a heavenly scent to your space. They make fantastic gifts and at just £8.00 are great value too. Use with an unscented tea light, add some beautiful heart shaped melts and relax with the scent of natural essential oils.


Choose from: Clotted Cream, Sky Blue or Pistachio.

Oil Burners

  • Always use an unscented tea light. Place on a heatproof surface. Add a few (we use 4 to 6 in our living room) wax melts to your burner and let the delicate fragrance of essential oils fill your room. With melts you're in charge, for smaller rooms or if you like a more subtle scent you can use fewer melts, and for a larger room you can add more to suit your mood. Why not try mixing them up too. “Feeling Groovy” and “Joy” blend beautifully together as do “Rest Easy” and “Tranquility”.

    You can re-melt your wax melts until the scent has all been used. You can then put the top part of the burner (once cold) into the freezer for about 20 mins and the wax will pop out easily for safe disposal.

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