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Wax Melts. A little bit different and perfect for a gift for your loved ones and of course for yourself.


Did you know that Wax Melts can last 5 times longer than scented candles, as the wax warms more gently and the aroma is released without burning the essential oils?


People with allergies will often choose melts and candles which contain essential oils, as they are less likely to irritate and affect us.


You choose how much aroma you'd like in your space. A large room will need a few more melts, but a more intimate space like a bathroom may only require a couple of melts to fill your room with wonderful fragrance.


Feeling Groovy is simply our classic Lavender wax melt. Lavender is well known for its relaxing properties so perfect for using whilst you lie in a warm bath after a stressful day.


With at least 50 melts in each tin, these melts are great value and fully reusable. Simply let the wax solidify after you've finished using them, and then light your tea light again under the same wax until all of the essential oil has been released.

Feeling Groovy (Lavender)

  • Place a few wax melts (we use 4 or 5) into the well of your burner, light an unscented tea light and allow the aroma of the essential oils to soothe, calm and restore your senses.