Eye Mask
  • Eye Mask

    Grab yourself some M.I.F merch. Our new bijou (teeny) range includes just 3 products so far, or 6 if you add in the different colourways.


    Our luxury eye mask has a natural unbleached cotton top, lightly padded middle and lined with black fabric to help block out the light and give you a peaceful nights sleep. Can also be used to pretend that you are asleep………

    Teal or Pink £10

    The packaging that we use to post out is recycled, this means that we get jiffy bags and boxes donated to us to reuse. Your M.I.F parcel may not look beautiful on the outside but rest assured the beauty is all on the inside.

    We send your parcel by Royal Mail and due to using used packaging we are able to just pass on the cost of postage without the additional charge for packaging.