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Here’s a “Special Offer on Special Offer” (thank you Victoria Wood for those genius lines) for you.


Simply choose 2 tins of Wax Melts from the range and you will not only receive your chosen melts, but also one of our burners completely FREE of charge.


No need for a code with this offer. Just choose your tins of melts and we’ll do the rest.


9cm tall by 7.5cm in diameter, these are just the right size to add a pretty glow and a heavenly scent to your space. They make fantastic gifts and bought alone retail at £8.00.


Use with an unscented tea light, add some beautiful heart shaped melts and relax with the scent of natural essential oils.

Buy 2 Tins of Wax Melts and get a FREE Burner

  • Place a few wax melts (we use 4 or 5) into the well of your burner, light an unscented tea light and allow the aroma of the essential oils to soothe, calm and restore your senses.

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