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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

M.I.F Soap Co was launched in 2018, and was originally created with the desire to sooth my increasingly challenging skin. My hands would happily flare up without notice and could become very sore at times.

After trying many products over many years, with varying levels of success, I decided that I should make my own traditional bar of soap, and keep it as simple as possible. I didn't want to make a product that simply cleansed the skin, but it also needed to be a delight to the senses and a pleasure to use....I am a Chanel No5 girl after all…I choose to only use essential oils to fragrance my soap. I use essential oils that are known to be uplifting and soothing to the senses for a lovely wash experience.

During these anxious times that we are all going through there is a very good reason why the use of soap and warm water to wash our hands is one of the most effective weapons against viruses. Viruses have a lipid (fatty) bilayer and soap dissolves the fat membrane causing the virus to be destroyed.

As we are all washing our hands far more frequently than we might have done previously, even the toughest skin is taking a battering and becoming dry and sensitive.

M.I.F Soap is "superfatted" which put simply means that each bar contains more oils and butters than the recipe requires. This, along with the natural production of glycerin formed during the saponification process, helps leave a gently moisturising film on your skin.

Two years on, and soap remains our core product and the thing that I take great pride in making, but we are developing new recipes all the time and introducing new and exciting M.I.F things to delight you with.

We have recently been awarded membership of the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers; something, as a very small business, we are extremely proud of. For 2020 we have also become entrants of the Free From Skincare Awards and will find out later in the year if we've been successful.

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