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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Tester 1

I really liked the fragrance of this product, the rose geranium comes through well though the neroli scent is quite delicate, but both are very pleasant and fresh. It does leave a little fragrance on the skin although not for very long. This soap lathered up very well, much better than other natural soaps I have used before.

My skin felt thoroughly cleansed after using MIF soap.

After using this soap my skin feels thoroughly cleansed and hydrated, although I do need to use additional cream after this soap as my skin is quite dry.

After a month of testing this soap, it is still holding its shape although it has cracked a little. It has not lost its fragrance and it has not developed a funky fragrance that some natural soaps can. For me this soap delivered on everything I would hope for with a good quality natural soap. I would buy this soap again.

There is minimal packaging on the product, which is not a bad thing. It is a simple sleeve which has an eye catching design with professional finish, and there is enough information to tell me about the product and ingredients. The soap is packed with high quality nourishing ingredients, and essential oils which really come through in the performance of the product. This soap retails at £6 for 100g which although is quite expensive for a soap, can be justified in the ingredients and quality of its performance. I am so grateful I had this soap to test, due to coronavirus I am washing my hands every 20mins or so and this soap has been so nourishing and gentle on my contact dermatitis prone hands, I have had zero irritation and I do believe this soap has played a large part in that. MIF are a lovely little company with much thought and love going into their products. I look forward to trying their other gorgeous looking soaps (love the quirky names they are given) also look forward to trying their equally lovely looking wax melts.

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