Our solid 100g Shampoo Bar is made with dog friendly ingredients each of which sooth, nourish and condition all fur types. Dog safe essential oils are added for their properties such as skin health, bug repelling and anti-inflammatory-ness.

Each bar comes with a handy tape so you can hang it on your wrist whilst massaging the shampoo into your dog's fur. No more battling with a slippery bottle and a slippery dog at the same time!


Doggo of the Month 


Meet Rocco, he’s a gorgeous 2-year-old Cockapoo.


Star sign: Leo

Fav Snack: Loves a bit of watermelon and is also partial to a bit of pizza crust

Loves: Lots of cuddles and any attention. He can’t walk past a recycling bin without finding a treasure to take home!


If your BFF looks as cute as Rocco then why not send me a pic. If they are chosen to be “Doggo of the Month” you will go into the quarterly draw for a free bar of Love Dog Solid Shampoo bar for dirty hounds.


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